Open the door to a convenient and efficient transfer experience. With our solution, enjoy swift and secure transfers to meet your financial needs with confidence.


Increase your revenue

Create a smooth, secure online payment experience and let your customers pay with their preferred payment method.

Streamline Your Processes

Save time and gain agility with a solution providing global accessibility to meet international financial needs.

Stay Ahead

Leverage cutting-edge security technologies for transaction reliability and stay compliant with regulations.

Digital Transfer

Simplify Transactions, Expand Your Horizons

In just a few clicks, send money worldwide without the constraints of geographical boundaries or the delays of traditional transactions. This secure and modern solution simplifies financial life, offering speed, convenience, and practicality to meet the needs of the digital era. Opt for digital transfers for quick, convenient, and easily accessible financial transactions anytime, anywhere.où.

Optimize your business with efficient management of multi-operator dedicated accounts for complete visibility into your operations.

Protect your transactions and reputation with our cutting-edge fraud management solution, ensuring maximum security for your financial activities.

Streamline your payments and ensure transparent fund management with our automated disbursement feature for increased efficiency.

User Experience

Create payment experiences tailored to each customer

Master your online payment experience from A to Z

Simplify fund management, allowing quick and efficient access to meet your transfer needs easily.

Our API offers seamless integration for complete customization of your experience.

Bulk transfer

The ideal solution for your bulk payment needs

Simplify the management of bulk payments, whether it’s for salaries, bonuses, or other multiple payments. With a user-friendly interface and advanced security measures, our solution enables you to quickly and securely process transactions for multiple beneficiaries.

Wallet Endpoint

Boost the efficiency of your financial transactions

Deposit funds directly into the recipient’s e-wallet, providing speed and convenience for fund transfer businesses, while ensuring payment security.

Change Back

Easily Convert Your Funds

Simplify and improve the cash payment process within your business with our change back service. Ensure accurate transactions, a satisfying customer experience, and effective cash management with our reliable change-back solution.


Our Integration Methods

An online payment solution for all types of businesses. Choose the integration mode that best suits your needs.


Utilize your own user interface and integrate our ready-made components for a semi-customizable payment option.


The best choice for designing your own interface and creating a fully customized online payment experience.


Integrate Bizao directly into your PrestaShop and WooCommerce e-commerce platforms.

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