Discover a unique partnership with Bizao, specially designed to meet the specific challenges of finance and banking professionals. The security of financial operations is at the heart of our concerns. That’s why we offer you our technological platform, which guarantees seamless integration with local and international payment systems, while complying with current fiscal and monetary regulations.

Financial stream

Improve the customer experience by reducing queues through the dematerialization of your branch network and by offering the possibility of transactions from smartphone or computer, anywhere.

A secure platform

Our platform relies on the latest innovations in digital security, providing a robust and reliable infrastructure for all your financial transactions.

Regulatory compliance

We understand the crucial importance of tax and regulatory compliance in today's financial landscape. Our commitment to these standards defines our approach as a key player in the fintech industry.

Dedicated 24/7 support

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is reflected in dedicated assistance available 24/7.

A better experience

A solution designed for you

Ambition varies for each business; discover how Bizao helps financial players achieve theirs.

Ensure seamless interoperability

Innovation in the banking sector is not just an opportunity; it has become essential. To address the specific challenges of the African market, we provide customized payment solutions ensuring seamless and complete interoperability between your banking information system and our payment hub.

In Africa, mobile payment is extremely popular. We assist banks in integrating more effectively with these systems, enabling bank customers to carry out transactions via their mobile phones.

BIZAO provides banks with a platform that consolidates all payment methods (credit cards, mobile payments, bank transfers, etc.) into a single interface, simplifying management and tracking for the bank.

A robust infrastructure for managing payments, thereby reducing the need for banks to develop and maintain their own infrastructure.


Simplify your financial operations

Don’t let manual financial operations hinder your activities. Our goal is to assist African insurance companies in modernizing their payment infrastructure, optimizing the customer experience, as well as enabling more efficient management of risks and claims.

Through our mass payment and fundraising platform. Simplify your operations and track transactions in real-time.

Integrate a platform that facilitates insurance and claims fundraising.

To insurance information systems.

Provide a platform that enables seamless communication between insurers and their clients via SMS, email, and online chat, thereby enhancing customer engagement.


Boost your operations through innovation

At BIZAO, we understand the challenges faced by microfinance institutions, neobanks, and microcredit organizations. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to address these challenges, strengthening your ability to effectively serve a diverse and expanding clientele.

We offer intuitive and accessible payment systems, perfectly adapted to the needs of customers of microfinance institutions and neo-banks. Our platforms facilitate fast, secure money transfers, essential for micro-entrepreneurs and individuals.

Understanding the importance of mobility in emerging markets, we focus on mobile digital solutions, enabling customers to access their accounts and conduct transactions wherever they are.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your current systems, ensuring a smooth transition to more digitized operations without disrupting your existing services.


A revolution in money transfer

BIZAO offers innovative solutions for money transfer companies. Our highly secure multichannel technological platform is specially designed to optimize the efficiency, security, and accessibility of money transfer operations, dynamically adapting to the evolving requirements of your customers while ensuring an excellent experience.

BIZAO offers multi-channel payment solutions, facilitating money transfers across various platforms, whether through mobile devices, point-of-sale terminals, or online platforms.

Transaction security is our top priority. Our solutions incorporate the latest innovations in data security and cryptography, strictly adhering to local and international regulations.

Our solutions are designed to deliver an exceptional user experience, reducing transaction times and improving service accessibility for your customers, wherever they are.

We provide comprehensive reporting tools, making it easy to track transactions and helping your business stay compliant with regulatory standards.


A comprehensive payment solution to drive growth at all levels

BIZAO supports you, regardless of the size or industry of your business, by offering innovative payment and collection solutions designed to increase your financial flows and optimize your operations in strict compliance with current standards and regulations.

Offering secure and efficient payment solutions to facilitate transactions with customers and suppliers. This may include online payments, mobile payments, and electronic transfers.

Assisting businesses in their digital transformation by providing integrated e-commerce solutions to sell their products or services online.

Creating customized payment solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business, whether for local or international transactions.

Offering solutions to simplify the payroll and employee compensation process, including bonuses and allowances.

A better experience

A seamless payment process across all transaction channels

The fluidity of the customer journey is crucial in today’s digital world, where consumers conduct operations through a multitude of channels—online (web, applications, …), physical (payment terminals, …), or legacy (SMS, USSD, …), among others. Ensuring a consistent and transparent payment journey, regardless of the offered channel, has become imperative for businesses seeking to optimize the customer experience.

Review daily sales and payments, automate reconciliations, and manage chargebacks, all in a dedicated dashboard for your company.

Review daily sales and payments, automate reconciliations, and manage chargebacks, all in a dedicated dashboard for your company.

Review daily sales and payments, automate reconciliations, and manage chargebacks, all in a dedicated dashboard for your company.

A financial flow

Access real-time transactions from your customers

With our advanced monitoring solutions, you can track your customers’ activities in real-time, helping you to make more informed decisions and better serve your clients. Discover how our technology can keep you updated on transactions, identify emerging trends, and provide an optimal customer experience.

Review daily sales and payments, automate reconciliations, and manage chargebacks, all in a dedicated dashboard for your company.

A single view to understand channel performance and your business activities.

Our intelligent risk management system ensures that transactions are secure and guaranteed.

A platform

A personalized integration approach

Discover how to provide a superior shopping experience, regardless of your customers’ payment method.

Web-based payments for web and mobile phones.

Experience payment methods within applications and on mobile.

Discover one-click payments and recurring billing.

How to integrate our platform?

Explore how to offer a distinctive payment experience, regardless of the payment method from your customers.

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Technical Integration

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