A borderless payment experience tailored to all sales channels. Simplify your transactions and foster customer loyalty with our solution.


Increase your revenue

By adopting an omnichannel approach, you broaden your potential audience and make it easier for customers to make purchases.

Simplify your processes

Save time and gain agility with a comprehensive online payment solution.

Stay ahead

Leverage the latest payment technologies and stay compliant with regulations.

Digital Payment

Optimize your payment experience

Optimize the efficiency of your engineering teams by adopting a unified payment functionality. We take into consideration the intricacies of the numerous payment gateways and services that make up the fintech landscape, enabling your teams to bring your vision to life on a single platform, saving you time and valuable resources. 

Create a simple and secure purchasing experience with our authentication engine.

Facilitate payments by offering various secure methods and instant confirmation for a hassle-free purchasing experience.

Offer flexible subscription options with transparent management, including free trials, to retain customers.

Keep users informed with transaction notifications, payment reminders, and updates to strengthen their confidence and engagement.

User Experience

Create payment experiences tailored to each customer

Master your online payment experience from A to Z

Offer users the flexibility to choose from various options, including payment via phone credit, mobile money, Visa, Mastercard, and others. Whether you are a digital content provider, a bank, a fintech, a commerce entity… these methods cater to your specific needs for varied transactions.

Payment channels such as the web, mobile applications, SMS, USSD, WhatsApp payment links, plugins, POS terminals, smartPOS systems, offer diverse and convenient solutions for both online and in-store transactions. Each has its advantages, adapting to user preferences and needs.

Services include authentication methods (Header Enrichment (HE), One Time Password (OTP), HE + Pin…) to protect transactions. Single transactions ensure quick and secure transactions. Flexible subscription options, from daily to monthly, provide users with tailored choices. SMS or email notifications provide payment confirmations, enhancing user confidence.

Payment Methods

Optimize your payments with ease using our Payment API

Our API offers seamless integration, allowing you to accept payments smoothly, whether on your website, mobile application, or other channels. With advanced security protocols, we ensure the confidentiality of your customers’ financial data. Discover how our API can boost your business by enhancing the payment experience for your users while simplifying transaction management.

Payment via Link

Shareable Payment Links

Don’t have a website? Use OnlinePay to sell your products online: create a payment page in just a few clicks, then share a link to it with your customers, wherever they are.


Enhance Your Transactions and Simplify Management

Discover a revolutionary solution designed to transform your retail payment experience. Whether you have a traditional POS terminal, an Android POS terminal, or one embedded in a smartphone, optimize your operations, efficiently manage your inventory, and provide your customers with a frictionless shopping experience. Boost your sales and customer satisfaction.


Our Integration Methods

An online payment solution for all types of businesses. Choose the integration mode that best suits your needs.


Utilize your own user interface and integrate our ready-made components for a semi-customizable payment option.


The best choice for designing your own interface and creating a fully customized online payment experience.


Integrate Bizao directly into your PrestaShop and WooCommerce e-commerce platforms.

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