Manage your payment system and access real-time data across all channels through your Bizao Service Center client space.

Understanding Your Customers

Access real-time data about channel performances and payment behaviors.

User Management

Assign users to manage risks, refunds, add payment methods, and other tasks...

Channel Analytics

Connect your online and offline payments for a unified view of commerce.


Make Informed Decisions

With all your business data at your fingertips, it will be easy to determine the revenue generated by each channel and the number of payments made using each payment method.

Export or connect your data to third-party systems.

Understand and forecast your cash flows.

Handle refunds and risks.

User Experience

Create payment experiences tailored to each customer

Master your online payment experience from A to Z

Transactions History

Take action in accordance with the information received

Discover the customer behind each payment through unified data sourced from all your sales and market channels.


Franchise Dashboard Essentials

The Dashboard Essentials is a simplified version of the Customer Space. Its streamlined interface provides all franchisees with the necessary tools to manage their daily payment operations, from reviewing high-level reports to handling refunds.


Our Integration Methods

An online payment solution for all types of businesses. Choose the integration mode that best suits your needs.


Utilize your own user interface and integrate our ready-made components for a semi-customizable payment option.


The best choice for designing your own interface and creating a fully customized online payment experience.


Integrate Bizao directly into your PrestaShop and WooCommerce e-commerce platforms.

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