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Tens of billions of euros are sent each year by African diasporas to their continent of origin. These funds flow mainly through money transfer companies which have thousands of withdrawal points across Africa. When withdrawing cash, recipients face several difficulties such as:

  • Time constraints as the branches are only open 10 hours a day and are closed on Sundays and public holidays
  • High disparity of withdrawal points from one region to another and from one spot to another in the same city
  • Lack of cash at the branch or withdrawal point to ensure customer payments
  • Frequent unavailability of the platform due to technical issues and poor internet connection

These constraints are exacerbated in the context of COVID19 due to the transmission risks linked to the handling of cash and the closure of certain withdrawal points to comply with social distancing.

To overcome all these constraints and improve the user experience, BIzao helps players in money transfer industry to allow their customers to send money to recipients’ mobile money accounts in Africa. All of our money transfer activities are guaranteed by our banking partner.

The advantages of our APIs:

  • No withdrawal fees for the recipient in certain countries
  • An end-to-end automated transaction flow, traceable and transparent
  • Strictly supervised financial flows in compliance with regulations