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The use of mobile money has grown exponentially in the past five years in Africa. Nearly one in two Africans have access to basic financial services through their telephone number. Despite the success of mobile money, the use of cash is overwhelming in most countries on the continent. This situation is partly due to the under-equipment of merchants in digital payment technologies or infrastructure, and to the multiplicity of telecom operators and wallets.

Bizao leverages partnerships with operators and banks across Africa and offers to merchants a national and pan-African one-stop shop solution that allows them to accept several payments methods at the same time.

Our value proposition to merchants:

  • Acceptance of several payment methods
  • Growth of the activity or the business
  • Improvement of customer experience

The advantages of our payment APIs:

  • Transaction security and regulatory compliance
  • Technical scalability of our platform which processes 180 million transactions per month
  • International financial expertise for processing financial flows

Bizao’s solutions can be customized and are compatible with websites, mobile applications, electronic payment terminals, QR code, etc.

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