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Security and Scalability

The security of each and every transaction carried out on our platform is a top priority for our teams. Bizao’s platform has been designed to provide our clients with every security guarantee. We use recognized protocols such as HTTPS and OAuth 2.0; moreover, access to our APIs is subject to the allocation of a token, which is different in pre-production and in production, thus guaranteeing that access to our resources is only possible to authorized systems. Credit card transactions are fully encrypted and filtered by the 3DSecure security protocol, which ensures, through dual authentication, that the card is being used by its true holder. The OTP system, payments made by mobile money are secured by sending a security code to the phone which is valid for only 5 minutes. Finally, to fight against fraudulent subscriptions on carrier billing, Bizao uses Ad monitoring tools such as Empello and MCP, and automated subscription control tools such as Evina. Bizao’s platform is in the process of PCI-DSS certification, which is one of the references in terms of financial transaction security. We offer a robust, scalable, reliable and highly available payment infrastructure that ensures transaction integrity and security.

Some reasons to choose our solutions

Transparent pricing

With no hidden costs, we offer the best rate on the market starting at 2% on the merchant payment.

Robust platform

Latest generation scalable infrastructure that handles more than 270 Million requests per month

International Compliance

Protection of funds collected on behalf of our clients in line with European best practices.

Safe and secure

Credit card transactions are fully encrypted and filtered using the 3DS protocol.