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Charge your digital contents to your customers’ mobile credit

Gain direct access to all mobile us in Africa.
Access to a fast, simple and secure way to monetize your services.
Benefit from higher conversion rates thanks to our quick subscription process and automated user recognition.

Use our multiple subscription channels (SMS, USSD, Web/Applications) to provide access from any devices to your customers.


Benefits for you:

  • Growing solution with an extensive coverage on mobile users and an excellent conversion rate
  • One Click payment solution
  • Low risks
  • One time payment or subscription (to gain in client fidelity)

Benefits for your clients:

  • Pay anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to use, high end technology
  • Secured transactions (no private data required)
  • Guaranteed protection (billing limits)

How does it work ?

The customer selects a digital content from a website.
He validates the transaction regardless of his connexion mode (3G / 4G or WiFi).
The purchased will appear on the customer’s monthly phone bill.

Direct Carrier Billing Mobile


Free integration.
Revenue share on sales completed.

What kind of content ?

Direct Carrier Billing Film

Videos & music

Direct Carrier Billing Games


Direct Carrier Billing Heart

Social Media