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Mobile Payment

Give your customers the ability to buy your digital services with their mobile credits and boost your revenues with ease.

« With Bizao’s Mobile Payment offer, I no longer have problems billing my customers I am fully dedicated to my quality of service. »

How does it work?

  • Customers possess prepaid mobile credits that enable them to use voice calls, text messages, data, AS WELL AS digital services.
  • You integrate the Mobile Payment page in your digital service: your customers no longer need a credit card to pay for your product, they can make purchases with their mobile credits.
  • Orange collects the subscribers’ revenues via its network before transferring you your dues.

Why choose our Mobile Payment offer?

  • Easily speed up your service’s launch as well as your growth by benefiting from our base of 120 million customers in Africa and the Middle East.
  • Offer micro billing to your customers to pay for the use of your services. You can charge small/very small amounts regularly very easily and avoid costly subscriptions.


Integration is free of charge.

The offer is based on revenue share: Orange takes a commission and transfers you your share.

Mobile Payment

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