Bizao@Emerging Valley

Last November 20 and 21rst we were at the Emerging Valley Summit, a hub for emerging innovations between Europe and Africa.
This second international summit is dedicated to start-ups and has for a goal to connect the Aix-Marseille-Provence territory’s potential to Africa’s and emerging markets’. As well as promoting the sharing of experience between mature start-ups and those the are still at the “seed” stage.

Best moments:

  • We had the opportunity to meet a great number of start-ups that have initiatives in Africa regarding various domains (music, health, games, finances, education… etc.)
  • Africa, a new frontier for the digital revolution
  • Different themes were addressed, like:
    • Innovation supporting business in Africa
    • Open Innovation in Africa
    • The start-up growth serving innovation
  • The media coverage of the event was rather important, big international medias like France 24, TV5, RFI, FMM; the entire African and Mediterranean blogosphere, as well as specialised press (CIO Mag), were all part of the event.
  • And to conclude, the launch of the African digital platform Digital Africa, whose objective is to enable innovative entrepreneurs in Africa to find ressources and contracts that are vital to their development and the projects’ (associative or start-ups).
Emerging Valley
Emerging Valley


Thierno Mademba SAKHO