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Distribute your digital services to all of Orange’s mobile clients, regardless of their Internet access.


Develop rapidly and easily your USSD* menus.

« Making my service known by putting it on the #303# My Store allowed me to grow from 1000 users to 75000 in a month. Everyone can access it, with or without Internet! »

How does it work ?

  • With the help of our documentation, develop easily and rapidly a USSD version of your service.
  • Then reference it in the #303# My Store by detailing which countries you wish to access: your service is now available.

Why choose #303# My Store ?

  • A single integration for full access to Orange’s coverage in Africa.
  • Customers who use your USSD service can pay with their Orange mobile credits through our Mobile Payment offer.
  • We provide development support and simplify integration: the creation of USSD menus becomes easy for any Web developer.


Your contents exposed on the #303# My Store are free for your customers? Orange only charges USSD traffic; if not you can bill your customers thanks to our Direct Carrier Billing offer and we will agree on a revenue share.

#303# My Store

Banner for 303 mystore

This service is currently available in :

  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast
  • DR Congo
Map of MEA countries offering Orange's #303# My Store.
#303# My store
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